Jul 26, 2008

big kisses

& a super sweet fdaitch to retro-nista (lak t2boreny) im luving my kitty ghutra scarf enty akyat shay =) 

meanwhile Etisalat has gracefully decided to unblock livejournal? my 3 year old online haven of random ramblings and sunshine.

although i've just set up here and i'm starting to cozy in.. i am torn between the sites..alors your inputs would mean the world.. do you think i should move back to:


or start a new chapter with wit charm and mj flavour right here at blogspot?

do cast your vote >> on my first ever poll  yay! w lakom mny a special fdaitkom too ;p



♥ Kitten said...

Wow cuteness!!

I already voted.. =D & I think you shud stay here to avoid any future Etisalat mood swings.. *roll eyes* plus we awwl got used to you in ur new place ;) x

Layla said...

Yeah I'd say Join the crowd here. Am still new & learning o enshallah Etisalat ma elagoona o they block it here hehehe Jinx-ing it

Mawazee said...

oooh stay here!i like this place.


Naser said...

Stay here bas post a move out notice on there...

Or stay there and post a move out notice here.

I liked the nawary part there. Fashionista exploited is nice but it's not as personal as nawary and ma fee wayed personality nowadays bas ya kether el aliases, you know.

Anonymous said...

This place won't be blocked anytime soon!


You can create a newer version of your livejournal blog here ... ;)

In the end, it's up to you!!!


Anonymous said...

Stay here, it's safer Nawary.


Emaratioryx said...

I voted for Livejournal even though I'm outnumbered :(
bas 3adi klhom flhawa sawa..and this one is a cool site too !

nawary said...

thanks you guyz ur inputs are all very super helpful and cute x ;)