Jul 31, 2008

i cant sleep

i just remembered how amazinglyyummygoodandfabulous the cocunut cake at asia de cuba is..>.<; *pout tears & a grumpy sad tummy)


also file under: love is owning a private jet.

Jul 30, 2008

love is:

being transported to the sidewalk cafes of italy..

good-nutty hazelnut & savory biscotti -morning lovelies ..
thanks for all your feedback the poll will still be around and ill make my decision shortly. xx

Jul 26, 2008

big kisses

& a super sweet fdaitch to retro-nista (lak t2boreny) im luving my kitty ghutra scarf enty akyat shay =) 

meanwhile Etisalat has gracefully decided to unblock livejournal? my 3 year old online haven of random ramblings and sunshine.

although i've just set up here and i'm starting to cozy in.. i am torn between the sites..alors your inputs would mean the world.. do you think i should move back to:


or start a new chapter with wit charm and mj flavour right here at blogspot?

do cast your vote >> on my first ever poll  yay! w lakom mny a special fdaitkom too ;p


i *heart* sabah

besides the fact that my mother's childhood was spent in eb-hamdoun, lebanon i have always loved beirut & everything about it ..fairuz mais bien sur...but Sabah even more so..(refrence the golden years pre-10 million niptucks)

and this july was spent with three of my favorite friends and a backdrop of all the shahroora classics <3

i will post links of my favorites every now and then ..but right now and to my mother's amusement... i could not get this song out of my head..

it's also the song that inspired our fabulous foursome picnic party, complete in 60's attire ala sabah, mini nutella doughnuts ala my cravings, and swinging zalamation tunes and dance moves lol

also file under: love is - a silver fringed pink dress

Jul 14, 2008

i'm still here..

also file under :  love is - when the seemingly mundane feels just...right.

Jul 1, 2008

i *heart* karl

yes for the blatant obvious reasons (most influential fashion designer like ever, fabulous collaborations with chanel, chloe and fendi etc etc etc).. & mais bien sur who could forget the karl lagerfield diet!! fabulosity!

but printemps ete '08 has given me all the more reason to remain all head over manolos ..his models strutted on plexy neon rainbow rays!! *le gasp*this means we both share the undying infatuation for all things rainbow fabulous brite..

but if only i could have the dismantled runways reinstalled in the corridor leading to my bedroom..lol
alors i shall make do with rainbow brite inspired outfits and make this week as colorful and sparkly as the starry eyed 80's rainbowponycarebear loving freak that i was ;p

now if only i had a rainbow belt to go with !>.<:

also file under: hope is chasing rainbows..love is finding one.. 

here's to spreading star sprinkles everywhere you go..have a fabulous summer xx