Jun 28, 2008

j is for jaune

anne wintour's musings have always been a source of inspiration mais bien sur...but every morning my choice of "frosting" and what lies beneath my abaya is never the norm. experimental by nature i wear the color the evokes me the most on a particular day...that color can be from a vivid dream i had the night before, a 1950's black and white eygptian movie i fell asleep to (bare in mind i paint the screen with my eyes..color styling suad hossini is always super fun) or the perfect shade of plum cherry on my breakfast plate. everything inspires me and i've had my harajuku-nicolerichie-l.a.streetstyle-uber hip & faux-pas phases throughout..& still i like to think that i'm not your average local mould.  Everyday is & should be a fun, dress up, whimsical day..my family has become immune to my tiara and tutu days. nothing turns their heads anymore over lunch ahaha.this week a song's has spurred my lust for all things..yummyyellow  mmm. i *heart* coldplay

et voila..my favorite yellow moments in fashion..

hotter than hot yellow " SPEEDY BOY" inspired MJ gloves. for driving and riding molly <3.. 

Givenchy Haute-ness <3>

lemon yellow sunnies

3.1 phillip lim S'08 blazer is a super cute must have this season. how adorable is this look?

& in all awesome-ness a yellow past time favorite of mine, late night dinners at the meat packing district followed by crazier yellow cab rides to the hotel..the streets past midnight are always a buzz and flickering with lights. and our "call out a pose and click 10 million pictures inside a cabbie" game never fails to perfect what starts out as a fabulous nyc day... enjoy & make tomorrow a mellowyellowyummyyyyyy day =)

also file under: love has..33 shades <3


nyxxie said...

HOT dress!
you're definitely not an average local mould you are so super special nawary you're like a gorgeous pink rose cupcake on a stand with a million boring pound cakes.

shmily said...

omg the yellow dress is TDF!! omg!!! i soooo <3 yellow!

omg in the last pic the expression ur bro is doin *ur bro 9a7?* is like so the twin of the one my bro always makes! wat is it a thing now? ;p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

you should definetly move to kuwait!!

the sky is yellow here because of all the dust! :S

Feminist™ said...

the yellow dress is stunning
im falling in love with it

Mawazee said...

i <3 that song!!
wo 7abbeh el peace sign fil pic loool!
my sis'z hate it when i pop up the peace sign in all my pics!hahhaha

MrFur said...

lool @ the taxi pose game...but how does the driver drive in the midst of all this flash craziness :p it's good to see ppl can still have fun in the states..the motherland of attractions