Jun 22, 2008

"fashion is as popular as football if not more" mj

so why marc. for the previously delusioned at heart let me shed light..

my prelude to being a stylist at harvey nix was the year of fashion i did. and so were my beginnings. my fashion foray to fashy-fabulousness all began with fluro highlighters that at one point matched my leggings..tall skinny lattes and heavier than heavy fashion history books. of course i drifted onto designers that in more ways than other tapped into the innate quirk that i truly am.

mcQueen was always a favorite..but my fascination for "tongue in cheek designer fashion" stemmed with my love affair for a certain some one's mindset..Franco Moschino. After a stint at Versace, he set up his own label to make fun at the loud brand obsessed nation we have morphed into..he plastered his name on nylon bags, loud & ostentatious was his gimmick of course fashion slaves fell victim and that was in '83 (irony - times have not changed)..

"Although established fashion houses looked on in horror at the sensational acclaim garnered by Moschino, the adoring fans clamored for more. More is exactly what Moschino gave them- more powerful and evocative combinations and creations, more irreverent styles, and more out-of-this-world fashion.

Moschino wanted people to laugh at fashion, he knew they took it too seriously to laugh for long. However, Moschino grasped the challenge anyway, and he created thought provoking fashions replete with original messages through text on cloth or visual puns for his adoring public.

A pioneer sloganeer, Milanese Moschino’s collections would regularly ask whimsical subjective questions such as “Who’s to say what’s in fashion?” and often his designs subliminally warn against becoming fashion victims".

enter: MJ

& life has never been la meme.

Jacobs like Moschino has a playful nature..questioning the so-called norms of fashion.. at any given day a marc by marc jacobs tunic dress would add a bounce to my step. through collaborations with artists (murakami for the house of vuitton et al) he has proven to be an acclaimed visionary in the world of fashion. his shows are amusing & his fragrances make me all giddy. but who would call a green fragrance cucumber..c'est mon marc <3

My name is Noora - i appreciate designers who seriously  question stylistic conventions and stage a sense of humor- & this is my blog. 

also file under: love is - being mesmerized 


Cute UAE said...

You've got mail!
Gotta believe this, your blog have been open all morning!!!!!
It survived my laptop's *sudden* restarts...my laptop's *sudden* t3aleeg! ...and oh boy!
Here it is working again and *tink!* your update!
Just like yesterday's score ;)

retro-nista said...

Mabrook on ur new blog fashy!! u'll always be dubai's number1 fashionista! love ur blog! and would have to fight over marc with u :P

sadia said...

*clap* *clap* *clap* now we know why marc!... =)

Baroque said...

cute! xx
the only word i can think of to describe this post..

loved the brief historic fashion segment you weaved into the post, u've given me a new impression of Marc, i never thought of fashion like that..

Emaratioryx said...

Bravoooooo!!! *clap clap clap*

This place looks amazing wo cheers to the new era in Fashionista's world/Noora !!


Mawazee said...

ur back!!
*wraps arms around blog*

loved the entry!


eshda3wa said...

so i take it u have a thing for marc :p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

loool @ marc :)
i like the shoes btw, 7addhum funky!! :)

welcome!! :)

nawary said...

cute uae. & retronistaaa I MISS U girlsssss!! retro-thats such an adorable and cute thing to say a7bSH fdaitSH ahahah xx

baroque glad to shed the light. have fun experiment take polaroids nd laugh ur grandchildren will luv u for that someday ! ;p

emaratioryxxx merci kteeeer girl ..gr8 to see u here =)

eshda3wa. a thing is an understatement ahaha

mawaaaazeee zazy zazyyyyyyy and dandooon merci kteeeer !! =)