Jun 21, 2008

adieu funkalocity

& so i pack up my packet of skittles.. and move. etisalat blocked livejournal. unfortuante. sad. and short-sighted. bidding adieu to my corner of three years was and still is hard >.<;

im not up for an update tonight playing around with templates has drained me..alors ill share a beauty secret of mine instead. im obsessed with hand creams. i collect them and have one in each and every handbag and room. why? cause i was not meant to operate in life with dry scaley hands...enter: yu-be and my life has never been la meme. yes i can be overly dramatic at times. lol

*fashy recommended - find out more @ www.yu-be.com


also file under: love is - baby soft hands sans stench <3


in my choos said...
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baskootta said...

mbrook fashyy,,just wanted to tell you i loooove your banner..soo cuteeeeeee lol

caio n have funnnn

hemyan aka baskootta

in my choos said...

yeeeyy fashy!! super exciting~
loving the "marry me marc" header lol so cute<3


^whoopsy madry esh9ar ;s

mun said...

alllaaay wayed 7iloooo

PinkChampagne said...

I love your layout supercute :)
Thank god youve decided to bring Fashyland's sparkles and rainbows over here...missed you lots xx

sadia said...

welcome back...and may blospot never get banned by etisalat (but i think they mean well....lol!)

Cute UAE said...

Bs where is my sooooooooooooooooooooooooo 80's funky wunky madonna like casette lipsticky chic punky wallpaper?!
I loved thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!
I'm sure u'll come up with something ULTRA NAWARY!!!! ;)
and wohooooooooooooo!!!!
I'm glad ur back! :D
xxx to u babez!

shmily said...

cute layout, so u ;)

great to see u back! xo

sham3h said...

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey :) Mabroook the new home, inshalaaah yekoon a start of a fashilicious and rainbow filled online-home :)


P.S. Etisalat: grow up already!!!

Aljoud said...

yaay superduperwbackkkkkk babe!!! cute layout! :D

in my choos said...

LOVE THE LAYOUT!!! YEYYY nawaryyyyy you made my morning! soo soo happy you're here <3 <3

i got the handcream a while back, but i couldn't use it it smells like vicks? ;p but things slip off your hands mn kethr ma it makes them velvety soft lol!



MrFur said...

welcome back to the blogosphere..from one of your more silent readers :D
umm that sounds creepy..noo no not the creepy type. the quiet type :)

nawary said...

hey all thanks for ur super sweet vibes. ill try to keep this place alive. although i truly want to go back to my retro LJ days.

merci to the cutest bunch of avid readers. my blog showers you back with lotsa luv and sunshine x

♥ Kitten said...

Yaay Long live FASHY!! Spread the lurrrve & fashion sanity! xOxo

Fastidious Babe said...

lol welcome to blogger!

about yube! i remember when they got it at sephora and everyone just eyed it.. never bothering to actually get it..

i tried it and then started buying it in bulk.. and then all of a sudden it was a number one bestseller and it kept selling out! its the ultimate hand cream/chapstick!

love ur blog btw! xx

nawary said...

merciiiii kittzyy witzzzzzzzzzzzzy

fastidious. like wise i adore ur blog its my daily fix !! =) xox

Anonymous said...


Nice layout! Warning: this skin cream may cause slit eyes! lol