Oct 9, 2009


no more fittings in newyork. no more rendez vous avec cyril and no more counting carbs..im officially in COUNTDOWN mode, which means raking up the points on my sensasia spa VPP (very pampered princess) card..munching on figs and almond croissants at baker and spice and blasting the tunes of electric feel music while distributing my cards to loved ones..

& i am "kind of" on twitter... http://twitter.com/nawaary humor the techno blonde =)

missing you lots x

also file under: is it real now??

Jul 2, 2009

Define: Sassy

a fabulous line of watches designed by Crispin Jones of London..

"This is the most accurate wristwatch you can buy - the hour hand reads "remember", the minute hand "you will die".

The dial and rim of the glass are mirrored, so the wearer is reflected in the watch face (so there is no ambiguity about who the message is aimed at!)

The Accurate is a link to the tradition of the memento mori - an object designed to remind us that life is brief and that we should seize the moment while we are here."

slap on some awesomness

retro revival (in luving memory)

And the whole world has to answer right now,
 Just to tell you once again, 
Whos bad . . .

Il ritorno di Jackie by Gucci

the bag made famous by Jackie - O is back with a new interpretation

viva la messenger x

Jun 28, 2009

Bendel Babe to Blog..im sort of still kind of here..

bonjour lovelies, im not just blogging because of the rain. i think snickerdoodle crumbs cupcakes give me a high.. alors the sugar buzz tipped me to the love rather than hate relationship i have been having with blogging..in general.

so why the lapse? bb msnger has taken a toll on my lust for the written word and my friends share my most intimate and random thoughts at all times. my blog unfortunately has taken a back seat.

if anyone is still around let me indulge you with random mobile shots of life as it stands for yours truly x

lemme begin with a shout out to my friends on 53rd and 6th .. i seriously dont mind the long lines at midnight for DELISH chicken and rice - people let it be known here and beyond that i have had the platter! lol

VOGUE what?? NEWBEAUTY is like THE magazine to have. a beauty bible of all things fab - so what if i read cover to cover a gazillion times it just makes me that much cooler lol

ps. im a FUNCTIONALAB junkie & Luhving it.. join the clique ..im a 7 x

a moment to myself at bloomies (assesing the credit card damage) avec the infamous snickerdoodle cupcake

for my fabulous posse LULU and Huda =)

banoffe-ing @ charbonnel et walker sans sister. i miss you x

signing out with the view from my room, the upper west side and a whole lot of lush green C.park

love you lovelies. enjoy your summer x

May 6, 2009


The office (usa) is the most hillarious series....ever! I'm seriously hooked!! ;)
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May 5, 2009

Size 6 copper Ginas

To the girl who ended up getting them lbs el3afyh xx

The lowdown: Boutique 1 sale. moi et lulu shoe shopping and fluttering in temperly love.. I decide to put the copper pair aside while I try on THE fabulous top that matches..(Bainy w bainkom I didn't fancy the pair..its just the sale part that gets me all psycho) so we both get a knock on the fitting room door..another lady is not only eye-ing my ginas but desperatly pouting for them.. Suddenly they become the only thing I think about I become all defensive and juuuuust a teeeeeny weeeeny bit mad I tell the sales lady that they are mine!!!

Seconds later..
I glance at my reflection and think but maybe by giving them up "desperate woman" would have a fabulous highlight to her day..and thus inturn mine..

Ohooo!! Now I simply to give them up. I did and still do feel all the more better my soles shall sparkle in gina glamour any other day ;p

..more to the point.. Why does being possesive over an item oooooonly appears after we know that someone else has their eye on it ..? lol in the past I aaaaaaalways end up buying watever it is..cause if I can't make my mind up then it must be worth it if a lady is lingering (more like hovering) over the item longer than a few minutes waiting for me to decide.

So in the case of women and sales: Posession always clouds judgement on aaaaaanything that aaaanybody shows a remote bit of interest on.

Alors girls:

1. Believe in Karma
2. ACT indifferent and trust me u will own it..

Sweet kitsch cupcake dreams x
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